A Cozy Paranormal Mystery - A Happily Everlasting World Novel

by Michelle M. Pillow

Part of the (Un)Lucky Valley series:

Better Haunts and Garden Gnomes

Welcome to Lucky Valley where nothing is quite what it seems.

Lily Goode wasn't aware she had an inheritance waiting for her in the form of a huge Victorian house in Lucky Valley, Colorado. Life might finally be coming together for her. That is if you don't count the endless home repairs, dealing with eccentric Aunt Polly who claims they're both witches, and Nolan Dawson the handsome home inspector who seems to have it out for her, then, sure, life is grand. Oh and not to mention the strange hallucinations and garden gnomes who are far more than lawn ornaments.
If mysterious accidents don't do her in, then the rebellious gnomes just might. With the help of Aunt Polly, it's up to Lily to discover who's sabotaging her new home and trying to drive the Goodes out of Lucky Valley once and for all.

From NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow, a Cozy Mystery Paranormal Romantic Comedy.

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Publisher: The Raven Books LLC

Cozy Paranormal Romance Books by Michelle M. Pillow

Can't get enough of the Happily Everlasting series? Did you love Fooled Around and Spelled in Love, and Curses and Cupcakes by Michelle M. Pillow? Did Aunt Polly tickle your funny bone? If so, just wait until you read the next crazy adventure Aunt Polly has up her sleeve. Try Better Haunts and Garden Gnomes today!


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