by Mandy M. Roth

Total Eclipse of the Hunt

As a centaur, Deputy Jake Majoy (Deputy March) is immortal, and has seen and done a lot in his five hundred years. Enough to know that Everlasting feels like home. It’s been perfect for him to fade away and blend in; you see, the town is anything but normal—and the locals protect their own. So when a newcomer ends up in their midst, at the same time things go missing around town, it’s his duty to step in to restore law and order. But the pull he feels to the woman is anything but part of the job.

Kelsey Gibbons has (literally) followed all the signs leading to Everlasting, Maine. There is a great power at work, drawing her to the tiny seaside town. She’s hoping Everlasting will be a safe place to ride out the storm engulfing her personal life while she works to unravel the mystery of who sent her a mysterious pendant and a bus ticket. When her arrival coincides with an uptick of crime, it becomes very clear that the chaos has only just begun. And when a hunky man in uniform shows up on the scene, it’s all she can do to focus on finding answers.

When the truth about Everlasting is revealed, Kelsey learns she’s not so alone in the world and she’s braver than she thought—not to mention, she’s destined for a hot dude who can shift into a horse.

Can she and Jake beat the clock…and the evil that has come back to town?

Publisher: Raven Happy Hour, LLC

Cozy Paranormal Romance Books by Mandy M. Roth


5 Stars--"I read this book in one sitting, I couldn't put it down, or stop laughing while I read it! "


5 Stars--" It had everything, humor, thrills, intrigue, romance."


5 Stars--"I think this may be my favorite of the Everlasting series so far! "


5 Stars--"Additionally, this was probably my favourite book so far. It was sweet, with a lot of suspense and it made me laugh. "


5 Stars--"I loved, loved this book. It really gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling. It was so sweet and heart wrenching."


5 Stars--"If anything, this story is even better than Ms. Roth's first one. "

Q: Will Hugh get a story? 
A: Yes, he already has one! It's Once Hunted, Twice Shy.
Q: What other characters will Mandy be writing about from the Everlasting world? 
A: The ones she created: Curt, Leo, Sigmund, Petey, Wilber, Jolene, the devil, etc. These books will be part of Mandy's spin-off series from Happily Everlasting--Bewitchingly Ever After.
Q: Do I have to read book one in the Happily Everlasting series before reading Mandy's book, Once Hunted, Twice Shy? 
A: No. Once Hunted, Twice Shy can be read first. The author does recommend reading the following titles in the order listed here for maximum reading enjoyment:
Once Hunted, Twice Shy by Mandy M. Roth
Fooled Around and Spelled in Love by Michelle M. Pillow
Total Eclipse of the Hunt by Mandy M. Roth
Curses and Cupcakes by Michelle M. Pillow
Q: Will Mandy write other cozies that are not part of the Everlasting world? 
A: Yes. She's working on a few series right now and will notify her mailing list when more information becomes available.
Q: What series are related to Happily Everlasting? 
A: Bewitchingly Ever After by Mandy M. Roth that will include (but is not limited to) stories about Curt, Leo, Sigmund, Petey, Wilber, Jolene, the devil, etc. And (Un)Lucky Valley by Michelle M. Pillow.


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