What is a Cozy Paranormal Mystery? 

What is a Cozy Paranormal Mystery? 

A cozy paranormal mystery is a subgenre of mystery fiction that incorporates paranormal elements with charming tones and a pleasant social ambiance. In the plot of a cozy paranormal mystery, a well-meaning amateur detective can find supernatural elements as they seek to unravel the mystery. These supernatural elements may play a central role in the plot or can be just part of the setting.

The mysteries in cozies can range from a missing pie from a bake fair to a murder. The murders are generally minus any gore and often happen off-page. Generally, there isn't much, if any, strong language found in cozies.

The books are often light-hearted, may include elements of romance, and are usually set in a small town or village. The townsfolk are often zany and provide something in the way of comic relief. They can aid the main character in their quest to solve the mystery or even foil their attempts to solve whatever the mystery might be. Often, one or more of these characters has expertise in areas the lead character might not, such as law enforcement, forensics, and so on. This helps move the story forward in a plausible way for the reader to believe, and that helps the mystery angle.

Overall, cozy paranormal mysteries offer a fun and light-hearted take on the mystery genre, with a dash of the paranormal thrown in for good measure.

What is a Cozy Paranormal Mystery? 

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